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Monday, January 13, 2014

A Green Forest

Last week I was telling you that I started working on my trees again. The reason I had stuck them away was because I was having issues with my first block and the trunk. I didn't have a pattern but I thought I could wing it myself. But those seams didn't match up and I wasn't happy with the trunk. So away it went into a tote. 
Then my friend Jo (who I copied) Pinned a tree quilt on Pinterest and I had an epiphany! 
I didn't have to piece a trunk (because we all know piecing isn't my strong suit), I could appliqué a trunk! Ta da!
And then one tree became two trees. 
Then it became a forest with a Catzilla monster. 
Catzilla would not leave the forest till he heard the musical sound of monster treats tinkling in the distance. 
Here is my forest. 
Isn't it neat that there is a pattern to the trunk roots? That wasn't planned, it's a happy accident. 
Now I just need to think of how to finish it off. A border? More trees? Lots of borders?
So it sometimes is a good things to put something away. Coming back with fresh eyes can make all the difference. And so can Pinterst!

Take care, Brandie


Mad about Craft said...

Pinterest is the best thing sliced bread!

Dee said...

I love the change in the tree trunks. It looks great with them appliqued on, although it must not have been easy to do those points! It's wonderful when you can go back to a project that's been frustrating you and find a better solution.

LynCC said...

ooo! I just LOVE your applique trunks. :D And, yes - there's something magical about time when it comes to projects we got stumped on or turned off of - almost always, when I pull them back out months or years later, a fix is apparent and I fall back in love with it. :)

Jo said...

Yep! I LOVE your tree trunks and your applique rocks!!! Did you see the new TOL pic pinned to 'our' board this morning. Applique in green quilt called Red Bud Ramble by Linda Roy. It's very purdy!

Createology said...

How beautiful your trees are with the appliqued trunks. Yes, seeing something with new eyes can make a difference. Pinterest is full of inspiration yet I steer clear mostly as it sucks all my time down the rabbit hole. Stitching Bliss Dear...

Janet said...

What a great idea! And I love the 4 together (and of course seeing Dorian's always a treat!).

Esther said...

I love it!

Lori said...

That's great! Love the center!!

Carrie P. said...

great looking trees.