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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Quilt Show Post 3

This post is all about the goodies. Quilt shows and vendors go hand in hand and not even the most disciplined of us can't resist those booths of goodies. And I certainly did not! This year we had 17 fabulous vendors and I did my part to make them happy.
I found a flour sack at our guilds mercantile booth, along with someone's left over civil war strips. I thought they'd be a good match for a someday project. (This is all Thanks to Barb who inspires me with  political fabrics and fabulous presidential quilts)
I couldn't resist these 6" solid strips. What for? I don't have a clue but they seemed like something that would be good to hold the dust.
Those lavender half yards will go good with my embroidered alphabet blocks, when I finish them that is.
Tis the season for all things orange, so I picked up a few of those. I just couldn't help myself!
Then I found a few fat quarters that may find their way into my hexie quilt, when I get back to it. (Story of my life!)
I really, really couldn't resist the linens! I love them all! But I especially love those putty colored linens and white embroidery.
Then there were all the hankies. Someday (someday) I'll get around to putting them together.
I just can't leave a monogramed hankie behind. This are the staples of my collection. Do I have a plan for them? No, but I'll give them a good home.
And how could I leave this lady behind! She matches my framed mermaid, they could be sisters or cousins!
One of our guild members (Judy P) had a booth and was selling her "girls". When I came around the corner and saw her mermaids, I bought one immediately! Then I came back and saw a new mermaid and traded. It really was a hard decision to make, they were all fabulous!
I wasn't lucky enough to win a basket of pumpkins, but I did win a jar of batik scraps for appliquéing. As you can see, Dorian loved the presentation!
And what better way to celebrate the beginning of October than with a black cat. I brought out a few decorations and Sheba made herself right at home completing the perfect look.

So there is my economy stimulating post. It was the most fun I've had in months! After all the work, all the standing, the swollen ankles, bruised toe nails and blisters, I really had a great weekend. But after heading two shows, I'm done! I want to be in the background from now on. Go back to being a wall flower, I'm really good at that.

Today I finally get back to a "normal" day. I have the laundry going and next it's time to reacquaint my bottom to my sewing chair. Those scrappy pumpkins are calling.

Take care, Brandie


Library Gal Quilts said...

You have done a wonderful job Brandie! Thank you for everything you did to make it a wonderful show! I love those hankies, dollies, and kitties...and I love the chill in the air! Have fun with your scrappy pumpkins! xo Pam

Esther said...

Glad things are back to normal, and I look forward to your next creations.

Barb said...

great stuff, I really love the flour sack

MamaT said...

It's always hard to find someone to head up a show. Looks like you were a success! And good job contributing to the economy!