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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Plaid Corners

 I finally finished with the fiddly corners. I haven't been so happy about anything in awhile! They were a pain! But in the end I believe all the pain paid out.
 Remember that I ran out of the dark green fabric? Can you tell that I substituted a different green in the corners? I sure hope not.
After I finish Willoughby Station (I'm so close! Maybe this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed for me!), I'll get this quilted up and finished. Hopefully. And that will be a great feeling!
 This pill here was so very helpful!
This basket use to carry a few UFOs. Since I've finished a few, I consolidated 3 baskets into 2 baskets. and truthful, that second basket has more plans and ideas than UFOs.
Well this basket looks as if has a new purpose, as a cat bed!
 The fuzzy man is so busy. If he isn't in that basket, or on my quilts, on the counters, he's in his window. Can you see what he sees?
How about now? It's one of his relatives. What? You don't think they are related? They have the same fur with the white tips. Dorian was found outside on squirrel hill, right under their trees.
Well, I think they are related. I think his mom was a squirrel (whom he got his fur from) and his dad was a raccoon (who gave him his stripy tail). And to prove that this is true, I've got a couple of children who believe it too!

Happy quilting!
Take care, Brandie


Jean(ie) said...

LOL! he is a busy little fella. Dont'cha wonder what he's thinking? Some days I wish I knew what our furry friends thought.

Monica said...

I really like how your little quilt top has turned over...very pretty.

MamaT said...

It turned out really nice and no, I can't tell the difference in fabric in the corners. Good job!