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Monday, December 10, 2012

Cranberry Season

One of my favorite things during the winter season is the cranberry. A fruit that bites and is the most festive of colors. What more could you want?
Every year I try to come up with another use for them. This year I decided to make a jam or actually a marmalade.
I threw them in a pot of orange marmalade. Don't the colors looks beautiful together!
They went from that to this in about an hour. A beautiful festive marmalade.
Hopefully It isn't too pucker-y! I hope I don't turn my recipients into cartoon characters, with pursed lips. But if it does, I'll have them send me pictures of it. That ought to be exciting! The gift that keeps on giving!
Yesterday was another cookie party. This time I bought Cranberry, white chocolate blondies. Maybe because I know my BFF loves anything cranberry (I really want to know her opinion on that marmalade) that made up my mind. But for what ever reason, they were good!

With the few minutes I had, I did indeed start a new project. Bonnie Hunter's new quilt-along. And of course I changed my colors!
I'm planning on making just a quarter of the quilt. I finished all of part 1. I only completed a few of the geese from part 2, but I will just work on them when I have time.
It's also time to start making a few Christmas gifts. Only a few more days left!

And I finally took my Halloween quilt down. But I just couldn't bear to put it away. So I threw (literally) it in another chair.
I really don't want to remove, I love it! I have to say this is my all time favorite quilt, and I don't want to pack it away in the armoire or closet. I want to see it everyday. I think Dorian agrees.  He has made himself right at home on it. Of course it's as much his quilt as mine. That cat is modeled after him.

Time to get back to the work shop.
I may post even less as I work on secret gifts. Till next time...

Take care, Brandie


Barb said...

everything looks yummy!
Dorian has gotten so big - still handsome :)

Jean(ie) said...

Those blondies look good. I love cranberries, too!

JustPam said...

My husband's favorite pie is a cranberry pie. It is more of a buckle than a pie and super easy. I'll have to buy some cranberries and surprise him. Thanks for the reminder about those berries!

Createology said...

Great thought to add cranberries to orange marmalade. I bet it tastes really good. Happy Holiday Creating...