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Monday, May 5, 2014


Have you ever had a week that just didn't go your way? If not, I'm jealous of you. 

The week before last I took at class at my LQS. We were going to make a Christmas Pickle quilt. 
I was so excited! So excited that I started making my pinwheels before class. 
Now the quilt called for 120 finished pinwheels and I finished about 30 from my scraps and then went to the LQS for more fabric. That's when I found out that we were doing the pinwheels in class. So I stopped making them and waited for the class. Which was fine because I thought I'd have to make 30 a day to catch up. 

When the class started I was ready! I was excited and I loved the quilt. It seemed like an easy and fun quilt to make. 
In the first class we made pinwheels and ended the class with the arches. 
We were given homework to complete before the next class. That's when my week didn't go as planned. 

At our second class we made the paperpieced teeth or rays, added the arcs and pinwheels, then hung our completed blocks on the wall. Pretty!
Some just used their tables. 

And some (Marsha the store owner) made gorgeous Dresdens. 
She was such a distraction! Several times I told her that I'd trade projects with her. I even tried to talk her into tiny ones to place on the center. 
Her fabrics were making mine look so boring I couldn't consintrait. I feel out of love with the pickle quilt and suffered from sever ADHD. 
Maybe if I had finished my homework this quilt would have had a chance. Maybe
Instead I finished four blocks and called it done!
This took me all day to make. A six hour day and this is all I have to show for it. A baby pickle quilt. Well it will be baby quilt sized after I add a border or two, I just need to find the time! This week is starting off like last week!

Wishing for sewing time!
Take care, Brandie

6 comments: said...

So sorry but with me your preaching to the choir! D.G. L

Lori said...

Complicated quilts like that take time! I think it was worth it. It is pretty amazing!!

Carla said...

Baby pickles are pickles too : )

Dee said...

I love the green and purple combination! But if you're not having fun with it any more than it's a good time to stop. I agree her Dresden plate is gorgeous though!

Anonymous said...

Those fabrics sparkle! Looks awesome!

Barb said...

love these projects - despite the trouble it looks great.
I love the dresden plate too - fun fabrics!