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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Just sitting and waiting hasn't been good for my hand work. I would have thought that it was but I wasn't taking into consideration the emotional side. So while I was away I hardly lifted my needle.
But now that I'm back home I am making up for lost time.
Dorian is holding down my fabrics to keep them from blowing away, apparently
The red and white hexies were just too boring. So I had planned to remake them.
Here is my first bright and colorful hexie. Quite a difference!
The plan now is to use red, Orange, pink and purple. The background fabric that the hexie is laying on will be the linking constant throughout the quilt.
I'm hoping to complete a row each week. First week, 7 hexies. Second week, 6 hexies. And so on.

I also started a new idea.
Blogger likes to mess with me and rearrange my photos after they import!
My new idea using a few of my new reds that I recently ordered.
I'm just going to take my time with this and see where it goes. So far so good. I'm liking the color combo. It sure seems dull compared to these new hexies, but it's still me.

Now back to hexie two.
No one can say these are boring!
These are great fun to work on in front of the TV.
They are quite easy. The hardest part is choosing fabrics. The actually sewing doesn't take much time at all.
I turned on Netflix and was looking for something to listen to. You know, something to hear and not necessarily watch.
I've heard a lot of talk about Downton Abbey and I had watched a few but I just wasn't into it. Maybe because I was watching mid season and didn't know the characters yet.
Anyway, I turned it on and started listening. before I knew what happened (it may be that I related to Mary) I was hooked.
I finally turned it off about 10:30 last night. Of course that doesn't mean the fur babies sleep in any later either. But I may have to catch up with Mary before I have a nap.

Take care, Brandie


Jean(ie) said...

LOL... You gotta catch it from the very beginning to get all the players. I love your colorful hexies! Those are just so much fun!

Lori said...

I didn't think your red hexies were boring at all! I do like your new ones, though and the sneak peak looks fantastic!
I'm not an Abbey fan....

Linda said...

I love the Hexies! I can't get over how mature Dorian looks now!!! He looks like a cat not a kitten!!! I am with you on Abbey. I need to start from the beginning.

Library Gal Quilts said...

Those hexies are sexy..haha! Glad you are home and back to routine. I missed all of the Downton Abbey hoopla until this January when I caught up on all of it at once. I found myself talking about them to my husband. That was a little much if I do say so myself! Get a life Pam!!! Happy Valentine's Day Brandie! and kitty pets to Dorian :)

Esther said...

I love the bright colors of the new hexies. I cannot just listen to Downton, I have to watch it totally, but I love it. I have seasons one and two if you want to borrow.

Barb said...

You will love DA if you start in the beginning. Me and my husband are such a huge fans!
I love the orange in your hexie - looks great!

Caroline said...

I love the layout of that first hexie!