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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Garden Post 1

 I have been getting my hands dirty.
First I got sticky with apricots and made gallons of jam. Which I'm eating now as a late breakfast-early lunch.
There is really better than warm homemade jam on a toasted bagel. Bliss!
I think I have enough to last a year, don't you?

Than I thought, why not try to grow my own apricot tree. So I looked it up on google (don't ya just love the internet) and found out how. Hopefully in three to five years, I'll have a couple of trees.
 After that, I went outside and finished up my raised bed. Yesterday I went to the local hardware store and bought some lumber. I have to say it wasn't like a Lowes or Home Depot. There were no prices listed, I had to ask. There were no signs beyond what size the wood was, I had to ask.
I'm not sure I'd go back. They made me feel like a silly woman who asks too many questions.
The sad thing is, our little-ish town wants us to shop in town instead of going else where, yet local shops keep odd hours, don't post prices, aren't always friendly, really the list goes on.
 Anyhow, I finished up my bed this morning. I had to want for the drills to charge.
Later, I'm going to go buy dirt. Sounds fun, right?
I'm hoping I'll have my plants in today and will have another garden update to show you tomorrow.
 In another part of my yard, I finally have blooms on this really old hydrangea. About five years ago I rescued it from weeds. As soon as I cleared a path around it, the deer came in and eat it.
This is the first year it has bloomed since all that. Now I would just like it to get a bit of color. It's a really faint blue, mostly white and green.
There is a small pink one next to it, it has all it's color. I bought this one around Mother's day this year.
It'll be interesting to see if this changes next year.

Well that's all for now, I've finished my bagel, now it's back to work.

Take care, Brandie


Sharon said...

Yummy, home made jam. Good luck with the fruit trees. I'm struggling with 2 apple and 2 pear trees. Garden boxes are the best, makes life so much easier and organized.

Carrie P. said...

Yum! bagels and jam!
You are busy. Looking good.

Hitchhiker42 said...

OMG apricots! I am SO jealous. Apricots are my second, no third favourite thing ever! Good for you being so productive. Did you sterilise the jars the Alton Brown way? Ever since we saw the Good Eats episode on canning and preserving we have been meaning to try it. Seriously, if you can recommend a book or something, let me know. :)

By the way, apricots are a little bit picky about their climate. For example, when I was a kid growing up in Los Altos, there were apricot trees everywhere. However, I lived in Sonoma for a while and they do not grow there well at all. Something about the winters being just slightly too wet and the tree bark getting fungus or moss... apricot trees just don't thrive in Sonoma County. But they love it in Santa Clara. Go figure.