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Friday, May 25, 2012


Remember all those (35) Kaffe blocks I won at my guild meeting a couple of weeks ago?

Well I went through them and found that I could only live with 9 of them. Thank goodness I have a friend who loves Kaffe, because she will be inheriting 26 blocks.

I really tried to put them together and to like them but there was just too much going on for my tastes.

I admit it, I'm afraid of color!

But I did really love these 9, so I put them together with a few solids and I like it! It has beautiful sunset color, or a sangria. A gorgeous rosy red and a warm rosy peachy color. I can live with these.

Funny thing, when I was buying the solids, I spied another Kaffe. Yup, one that I could live with.
Don't laugh! It really could live in my stash and find many mates. It fits right in with my muddy color preferences.

Hopefully this weekend I'll find time to quilt a few lines in Sangria and get it finished. Wish me luck!

Have a wonderful weekend!


beaquilter said...

that's the blocks?? they are very "mild" compared to many other Kaffe blocks I've seen.
I do feel bad when I have to reject from blocks I got from either a guild or a swap....

Createology said...

Beautiful fabric. Here I thought you were going to be making and drinking Sangria this long weekend. Stay safe and enjoy your weekend...

Sue-Anne said...

The quilt looks great and I love how the solids have tied it all in together.