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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bittersweet Weekend

These last few days I have had to face the reality that my Daughter is leaving home and is not going to change her mind.
When she moved out of the family home, I learned to deal with it. Of course she was only 30 minutes away.
This move will be much farther away. Over six hours. Not a fun drive.

It has been an emotional weekend. I enjoyed our time together looking for apartments and getting re-acquainted with San Luis Obispo, but will miss my Daughter immensely!

I'm trying to look on the bright side. Yes, she will make more money.
Yes, it's a nice community.

BUT, it's not home.

She will be starting fresh. All alone.
That makes me saddest of all. But she thinks of this as an adventure. She's braver than I! The older I get, the more I enjoy being a home body.

After the important stuff like lease signing and job interviews, we did a bit of fabric shopping. I don't know if it was the sad mood I was in or what, but I didn't find much. A couple fabrics for a kids pattern I'm working on and a two background fabrics.

I only have a couple more weeks to spend with her before she packs her car and leaves home.
All this time I've crossed my fingers that things wouldn't pan out. The did and now I'm left feeling empty and sad.
If I'm not around, you'll know why.
I'm not ready to un-tie the apron strings.

Heart broken in Paradise...


ranette said...

Oh Brandie! I understand your pain completely!
If I had my way, my girls would live on my same street...forever! LOL But, it's normal and healthy for them to spread their wings and make their own way.

My oldest daughter lives 7 hours away and my middle daughter is in LA, which is a two day drive from here. We still have the youngest at home, but I fear it's not for much longer.

Hitchhiker42 said...

Oh hey! Is she going to Cal Poly? Right on! I graduated from Cal Poly. She will love it. Tell your daughter if she wants a job on campus she should talk to Sharon in the Library. It's a fun job and the people are really nice.

Cal Poly has a really great rec-center too. She can go swimming or walk on the treadmill and watch Paula Deen make things with butter on the wall-televisions. San Luis Obispo is a nice town. Let me know if you need help finding anything. Cheers!

Esther said...

Hugs to you. I totally understand your heartache, but your relationship will not end, it will grow in new directions, and in it's own long distance way it will broaden and deepen. I say sign up for audio books and enjoy the drive.

Linda said...

Big hugs. I can see where this would be sad. Bittersweet.

Carrie P. said...

yeah, 6 hours is a long drive. my oldest son lives about 5 hours and I miss him a lot.
It is sad but be happy that she is happy.

sunny said...

Ah, you poor thing. Have you made her a nice quilt to take with her? And maybe a wallhanging. Just think how much fun your reunions will be, with her telling you all about her adventures! Hugs!

Createology said...

You have done a good job mother dear...your work is right on schedule. Raise your daughter to be independent and able to make her own way in the world and succeed. Be proud of you and of her. I know how it is to miss a daughter as I have been through this. The visits will be so much more meaningful. Treat yourself while you miss her. Hugs from one mother to another...

paulette said...

I feel your pain! Been there...only times three! All three of my daughters moved out on the same day to go to University (they use to drive together but decided it was just too far). The house went from bedlam to absolute silence!! I cried for the first they are finished and live all over the place...but not here!! One lives on the other coast...right across country, one lives a 13 hours drive from me and one lives across the water...about 4 hours away. It's all good...our reunions are wonderful and they are living great lives...and they are happy...which is what Mothers want! Right! So hang in will get better!! Stay busy and get stitching!! It really helps!

Wilma NC said...

Be brave. My son moved to California last year from Atlanta. That's from a 200 mile drive to about 2000, lol. I worried so, but he has made some awesome friends, and he loves his job. If things don;t work out, they can always come back.

M and M plus 3 said...

It comes way to fast doesn't it? This is why I'm trying to spend as much time with Miss Em before she grows up any faster. Hang in there girl.

quilt happy said...

we know how you feel , all of our's are gone , some close and some faraway

Diamant said...

Poor Brandie. Why is it that it's the daughters who want to move out ? My daughter moved out but I was lucky in that younger son lived at home until he married. Didn't do him any harm !

Shasta said...

My daughter has gone off to another continent to study abroad, so I can completely understand wishing her well, but really wishing her closer.

Lori said...

I hope you are feeling better about your dd's move. In the long run I bet you two will enjoy your time together even more.
I do understand a bit since my daughter moved from Central Oregon to Santa Monica when she was 18! She survived, she grew, and I survived as well.
I love that she took Sangria with her!!