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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tiny Stitches

Ok, I tried to be here yesterday. Good intentions and everything.
I threw my back out (bad choice of words) on Saturday. My punishment for hoarding gobs and gobs of Christmas decorations. Made the whole process of cleaning the attic that much more difficult. Thank goodness my good boy came home and helped me yesterday. We more or less finished moving and arranging the attic. Today we only have to move that dresser that I've been using as a prop, up stairs. And more good news, my back feels 50 percent better this morning.
I also feel so much better about myself. Fun how cleaning can do that. I now have clean corners everywhere. I really like that feeling!

There will be quite a change around here. With the Daughter and Maximus moving in Maximus is like a real baby. I alway vacuum before he gets here because like a real baby, he will find anything on the floor.
A couple of weeks ago he found one of those sock hangers. Nobody around here has bought any socks in awhile!

This is also going to be a BIG change for poor elderly PugsLee. She is use to being the princess. And Maximus has always left before. Poor girl!

So if you are still here, want to see the little bit I've been doing?
These are to Lynn's (sewninwildoaks.blogspot) BOM.
She even warned of their addicted quality, she was right!
And as before, if you remember, I'm doing this BOM twice. Once with Lynn's fabrics and once with my collected Robyn Pandorph's fabrics. So here they are. Tiny little hexies.


Linda said...

Those flowers are so sweet and small!!! You did a perfect job!!

Anita said...

Itty bitty stitches! I think you have a thing for all things itty bitty. :) Glad your back is feeling at least a wee bit better, (I have back issues so can fully empathize with you.) Hopefully you're back to 100% soon.

LynCC said...

oh my goodness! They're so teeny tiny! adorable. :)

Carrie P. said...

Whew! those are tiny.
Glad to hear your back is doing better.

Jean said...

those are tee-niny! I'd be all thumbs with those...LOL

Lori said...

I love the little hexagon flowers. Should be a fun BOM. I hope your back continues to feel better.

Sammy said...

They are beautiful Brandie

M and M plus 3 said...

Beautiful, but way too small for my boat!