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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Staying in the Lines

I'm still hard at work on my quilt for the show coming up at the end of September.
Now I'm scribbling all over the blank area near some feathers. I want those feathers to POP.
So far I've used four bobbins and I just hit the halfway mark. I'm going to keep track of my thread usage to see how much goes into this quilt. Yesterday I finished off a 1200 yard spool. I'm now working on my second. Thats for the top and bobbin. I'm not counting the colored thread, it's so minimal, just the black thread. Silly of me but I need to find amusement in everyday things.
Scribbling is a little harder on my back so I take may breaks but so far I've been keeping at this.
I'm also trying something new to me. This quilt will be judged. Isn't that a horrible word "JUGDED"?
This will be new to most of our Guild. We have never had our show judged.
In order to make this appealing to the members we have talked about it being a learning experience not a judging. And as the head of the quilt show I needed to test the waters and not be fearful. So I started with one toe in and I'm finally about calf high with both legs. I will go in believing that this experience will make me a better quilter.
And with that said, back to work scribbling.

Take care, Brandie


Dee said...

You're putting a lot of work into it and what I've seen is beautiful. I've never had a quilt judged in a show. I'd be nervous, but also looking forward to learning more about myself as a quilter. Good luck with te rest of the quilting!

Createology said...

This will be such a stunning quilt. I like how you are stepping forth and thinking of this as a learning experience. Hope your back behaves dear...

Heather said...

It looks great. I have entered shows and it is a great learning experience. One year I entered the same quilt in 2 shows. In one show it won best of show and in another only 3rd in its category. Both with NQA judges and totally different comments. Judging is so subjective!

Jo said...

Your quilting is gorgeous! Heather's comment is interesting. We are so busy with the show it's easy to get caught up and forget this is supposed to be FUN! Take care of that back!

Esther said...

This is beautiful! Your comments on entering a judged show are spot on for me. I am curious about comments from other quilters (judges) and also want to keep my own perspective and have fun. It is also a challenge, and I too think it will improve my quilting,

Lori said...

It is looking really good. Judging quilts is so subjective. I hope it is a positive experience for the group.