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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Heat Wave

We are all lethargic from the heat. This is what we do all day, lay around and take cat naps.
I have high hopes and good intentions. See this pile of fabrics Mr Gray is sleeping on. They are going to help my round quilt grow, I hope.
He's so helpful, he holds down the fabric to keep the fan from blowing them off the table.
So what if they've been sitting in that same place since Friday. I do plan on working on them but I'm still only able to do one big thing a day. The good news is that I've finished my physical therapy so that will free up more of my day. Now I can do my exercises at home. Some days are great, some days I have a bit of a set back. Those days I hate, I get emotional and have even had a bit of a cry over it. Pathetic! But I'm learning to ask for help and trying real hard to forget those days that if I wanted that plant moved, I'd do it myself. It's a learning experience.
Confession time. I did bring home a cat for Dorian. That last picture was kind of a tease.
Meet Sheba. Look, no stripes!
I know you are all thinking I'm a crazy animal hoarder! Two inside dogs, one outside dog, two turtles and now two cats.
Sheba was a lonely cat living without her grown-up girl. Mom was left to care for her and Mom was allergic. So I took her home to keep Sheba from going to the pound.
Dorian and Sheba have been slowly introducing themselves. I don't think Dorian knew he was a cat till he meet another one. She was perfectly fine with him, he's not so sure. He hides from her. In reality, he's probably just waiting to pounce on her!

So when it cools down I hope to have some sewing to show you. Till then, I'll be cleaning litter boxes.

Take care, Brandie


Lynn said...

I remember those hot, HOT nights in Paradise when I was growing up! Cat naps sound like a great idea. Brandie, I'll be speaking at the Paradise guild in April of 2014 and teaching a workshop. I would love to be able to meet you and spend some time together. Mark your calendar!

Dee said...

Sheba's a beauty! As for the resting, I understand how hard it is to suddenly be limited in what you can do. Very, very frustrating. Especially when you take one step forward and two steps back. On those days, try to celebrate the small victories and remember how far you've come from the worst of it. It helps me to keep it in mind. In any case, I'll be praying for you!

Createology said...

Sheba is very thankful for you bringing her home. Dorian will come around (maybe). Cats are such independent cuties! You definitely need to take it easy and ask for help so as not to worsen your back.
Sitting in a sprinkler eating a popsicle sounds good to me. Cat nap for me please...

sunny said...

What a pretty kitty! I hope Dorian still gets plenty of attention. Just follow their lead, and take lots of cat naps, especially while it's so hot. And take care of yourself! You have to learn to ask for help sometimes, and it's not an easy thing to do. {{{Hugs}}}

Jean(ie) said...

I think those two will get along well. Sheba will teach Dorian all things kitty. Hugs for you. It's hard learning new limits. Hopefully this will be temporary. I'm learning that as well. Poo on that!

ranette said...

Brandie....I haven't been reading blogs much and had no idea what has been going on with your sister in law and your back! Bless your heart! I'm thankful that you are both recovering. Try to stay cool.....

Carla said...

They will be tearing around the house in no time! I'm glad things are getting better.

Lori said...

I hope the weather is cooling for you and you will get some sewing accomplished.
Glad you are making a recovery:)
Love to Sheba. I'm sure they will friends soon.

Carrie P. said...

physical therapy can make the strongest person cry. not being able to do certain things is hard. I am sure things will continue to get easier.
I know the kitties will become friends soon.